About US

We are 100% committed to providing our customers with affordable on trend clothing to express their every mood. We offer a variety of styles for any budget.

At Love and Payne, our mission is to spread love and promote self confidence among today's women. All too often, we are told that we don't meet the world's standard of beauty. We want to make one thing clear to every woman and girl, You are Beautiful! Our flaws and scars, both emotional and physical, make us the unique, strong, and amazing people we are. No matter what you have or will face in life, you deserve to feel gorgeous and know that you truly are the queen of your own destiny. 

From the girl finding her way in the high school halls to the woman jumping into the dating scene again  to the busy mom just wanting to indulge herself, we have something for every one.

True love starts with loving yourself and we want our customers to share your self love with the world. We've got the clothing, you bring the beauty and attitude!


W. Payne